Where’s my pocket handkerchief?

The great push to finish packing is on!
JoAnne and I have made our knitting lists, our yarn and needles are in the suitcases.  We even found room for a couple changes of clothing.

Bunny and Stuart have packed their little suitcase.  There was a bit of a curfuffle over this. Bunny wasn’t sure she wanted to share a suitcase with a minion (I mean what IS it with those goggles?)  But we had a little chat and she is going to give him a chance.

b-and-s-07.jpgStuart has packed his tam and his kilt.  And what you may ask are those? Well, one goes on his head and the other on his body.  He thinks he’ll fit right in with the locals.


Bunny has her hap shawl so she’ll be nice and warm.  She also has a tatted crown.  I think we’ll have to watch for delusions of grandeur.  We also found a nice vintage handkerchief and that is safely packed away as well.

It’s time to be off to slumber and dream of a wonderful trip tomorrow.  We’ll have to be up early to get to the airport so we can sit around and wait for our plane.


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