We have been so busy, you would never believe…

I wish we had more to share but we’ve been so busy running around Dublin and Scotland we haven’t had time to post pictures.  I can say that Bunny and Stuart have had a great time and already made some new friends.

One of our first stops was to visit the Book of Kells.  This is a lovely medieval copy of the Four Gospels.  It is what is called an illuminated manuscript because there are many beautiful, painstakingly decorated pictures filling full pages and also inserted among the text which is Latin.  We were not able to take pictures there, but when we continued to the Long Room upstairs we could!  This is a library at Trinity College.

Dublin-Trinity Library

Of course the little ones wanted their picture taken.  We could not check out any books though.  There were towers and towers of books.  It was lovely.

Dublin Royal Bunny

Remember how I was worried that Bunny might have delusions of grandeur?  Well I was right to worry.  She thought Dublin Castle was a nice place for her to reign.  Sorry girlie: The Republic of Ireland is not a Monarchy and you are not royalty here.

Dublin Castle B&S-small

After the Castle we visited the Castle garden.  What beautiful flowers! Daffodils everywhere.  Then back to the hotel! We were all exhausted.


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